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What is Nostr?

Notes and other stuff transmitted by relays

Nostr flips the current internet paradigm of "dumb client/smart server" to "smart client/dumb server", by using relays and public-key cryptography. Nostr empowers users to control their own data.

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Be your own content curator

Interact with people from across the globe and discover your niche communities. Without a forced closed-source algorithm, your home feed is based on your follows and interests.

No central server

Alice can send her notes to any servers of her choice.

Bob can run a server and set his own rules. People can use his relay if they like his relay services, or just fetch specific notes.

Learn about decentralization

Alice sending her note through her favorite nostr app, to multiple relay servers of her choice

Signed at the core

Instead of using insecure passwords, all messages are signed using cryptography. You can verify messages & user authenticity without relying on a centralized component. You own your nostr.

Learn about cryptography

Alice using her key to sign her note

Discover the nostrverse

Nostr is not just one app, it is a diverse software ecosystem. More people are helping build nostr clients every day!

You can use different client apps that run on the nostr protocol. Pick the ones that best suit your life.

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Web apps

To login & post on web apps, please use a signing extension

Signing extensions

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Desktop & command line tools for the terminal

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